Nelson Chamisa has been given a stern warning against Jonathan Moyo who is currently enjoying the party’s sanctuary after allegedly causing the collapse of the Robert Mugabe led Zanu Pf through his unbridled quest for king making, said the NPF spokesperson.

In an online discussion held today, Jealousy Mawarire said Moyo’s personal motives led to the collapse of Zanu Pf.

“Zanu Pf collapsed as a result of Prof Jonathan Moyo unbridled quest for kingmaking. He hounded Joice Mujuru out of the party hoping to be rewarded with Sec for Admin post.

When he didn’t, he waged war with Emmerson Mnangagwa through G40 resulting in the birth of Junta-PF, good luck for MDC where he is now,” he said.

Mawarire said Moyo is currently fighting Saviour Kasukuwere because some people want him.

“It is clear who destroyed Zanu-PF by destroying Mujuru, alienating Mugabe from his colleagues, fought NPF when we were gathering steam, now fighting Kasukuwere because some people want him.

Destroying is easier than building. If u want him for a demolition, he is the right man” added Mawarire.