Passion Java says he likes to be himself, the freedom to be him so that he will not have any regrets when he lives this nation. his dream car is a 7 million worth Bugatti. At the moment he rides on a Lamborghini.

Preachers should not come into the preaching industry because of tangible material things but should focus on the main goal. passion Java boasts of the grace of God upon his life. Does not preach because of fame but his main goal is to be effective, touch peoples lives and be relevant.

Passion Java has prophesied to presidents, he does not need anyone attention and is too popular to be flashy. has blessed many people in his life.has given to so many people. Java wants to be an inspiration to the young generation, one who represent the gospel of God.

Prophet Java has created his own language, Twabam. the language is an inspiration out of what he does. He admits that he has been mentored by his brother Apostle B Java. He has moved from posting so many things on social media because his spiritual father(Noe Jones) taught him that money is silent.

Passion Java has visited so many countries to date. his advice to people is that dont follow anyone who doesn’t follow anyone.