Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that an Affidavit Implicating Ian and Theresa Makone in the murder of MDC Activists in 2008 has surfaced.

This follows the interview held this weekend with Ishmael Kauzani, whose brother Godfrey was killed during 2008 under mysterious circumstances.

While the Affidavit might not be admissible in court, it has serious political ramifications for the powerful MDC family.

The Affidavit by Chimedza, the only survivor at the scene reads as follows….

At the bank we were thrown into a pick up truck at the main road but being beaten. Beta was crying hard in pain as well as Godfrey.

After a distance, Beta and Godfrey were silent.
The vehicle stopped. One of them was thrown out.

We proceeded for a while and the other one was thrown out.

Cain was crying. He was side by side with me.

I was thrown out leaving Cain. I was unconscious for a while as well as shocked so it took me time to regain

I then managed to remove or untie myself but it was dark.

First Page of Unsigned Affidavit

I walked through the bush until I got to the main road.

I stopped a Haulage truck from Mutoko who gave me a lift and dropped off at Newland shops.

I walked along Harare Drive until Domboshava road, got another lift to Domboshava and arrived around Midnight.

Early next day Francis came to my place, knocked at my door.

To my surprise he straight away asked me what had happened and where were others.

As well wanted to take me to Makone’s place. I refused

He then gave me money to come to Newlands.

Soon after he left, I left for Masvingo to see and brief my parents.

5 days before the incident, Beta had told us at harvest that ‘Boys I am being accused to have stolen Mai Makone’ s shotgun as Kauzani had stolen $10 000 at Makone’s house as well.

They alleged are e bought some stands in Domboshava as well as a vehicle with their money.

Threats of unknown action were to be taken against them if they don’t return the cash to both Godfrey and Beta.

But both were denying having committed the alleged theft.

It is against this background that I strongly suspect that the attackers or perpetrators on us that led to the death of Beta, Godfrey and Cain was an inside job within our party MDC, particularly the family of Makone. I even briefed our Party President Tsvangirai.

2nd page of Affidavit

Gambakwe Media requested for comment from Mr Ian Makone who had this to say:

This struggle has claimed and continues to claim lives, subjecting citizens to all manner of victimisation.

A truth and justice framework must form part of a national peace and reconciliation process and I look forward to participating in events at that stage.

I do not believe any discussion outside that framework will address the victimisation that I have suffered nor anyone for that matter.