The Destiny of Zimbabwe is now at stake under this leadership and it’s time for the church to play a pivotal role says Abraham the servant of God.

What is happening now in Zimbabwe is now a war against the Destiny of Zimbabwe. It’s now time for Zimbabweans to take action.

Thinking that Chamisa will take action and bring change to Zimbabwe at this stage means a person is misled.
The situation in Zimbabwe has gone beyond MCD and Zanu PF.

If these people that are on top do not work genuinely to bring change to Zimbabwe, a revolution is coming, a peaceful revolution that No one would be able to stop. The church is coming to be the change that they desire.

Zimbabwe cannot say it has a leader when the health system is not functioning, it’s slow motion death and genocide . Patience has been destroyed. Money in the bank has been destroyed.

Zimbabwe cannot say it has a President that cares.
There is no President who cares, there is no opposition in Zimbabwe . It’s high time that Pastors should come out and address this issue nationally.