Jackie Ngarande is not really a sweet person , humble or a giver as you all think.Jackie has proved to be doing the giving and donating to seek attention.

Pah Chihera has called Jackie out for being fake and  for clout chasing using her name, on a post where a girl asked Jackie for clothes in response to her Ask What You Want facebook posts.Jackie who is always preaching the word of giving clearly does not practise that.And for someone who is a public figure that response to the Pah Chihera was very mean.The Runonzi Rudo hitmaker only got to know about Jackie Ngarande’s post after being tagged by fans and discovered the shock of her life.Muzukuru wakwindima as Jakwe is popularly known by her fans , has done well for herself but she keeps ruining her image over dumb and wrong choice of words on her social media.

Sis Jakwe’s behavior only proves the saying that Character is pregnancy you can never hide it forever.