Prophet Walter Magaya turns 36 today and addressed a number of issues.

He called his wife his hero and said no normal person could withstand as much pressure as his wife has had to endure.


Magaya said his ministry turns 7 years this year.

He says he did not go to bible school. His spiritual father is TB Joshua and Pastor Michael played a big role in his life.

He started ministry at 29 years as BOCC and named PHD at 30. The church started with 45 people and now he has branches worldwide.


– There are moments when he didn’t listen to God
– There are some messages he has not delivered
– The man part has failed him
– Since everything was new from the beginning, fear limited him
– Yadah connect is not a failure, it has delayed

When God gives you a vision, it does not fail. Title deeds are now out for Bulawayo.

The honey project is in progress. The stone cutting project is being restarted soon.

Various crusades are lined up in various countries.

Life Lessons

– People turn can against you anytime.
– People who are close can be bought
– People can easily be convinced with lies
– Whoever is nearest to you can turn to be your biggest enemy
– If you are hire person in your house they will want to own that house
– People want more all the time
– Very few people are genuine
– The world will judge you according to what they hear

What he expects
Magaya said he expects his children to defend him, instead of being quiet.


At a proper time, when procedures have been followed, the world will benefit from the discovery.

Ministry Workers

They are doing very well.

Hero of his life

His wife. No normal person can withstand such pressure.