Full Name : Junior Lizzy Zinhu

Born on 1 ,April 1991 , Chitungwiza

Known as Bevy and Katarina 2

Occupation : Dancer

Years Active 2011- present



Darlington Timothy Banda


Orlando Kudzai


Selborne Routledge and Zengeza 4 Primary Schools

Zengeza 2 High and Charles Clerk

Early Career

She started dancing in school after which she joined Zalabantu Dance Group.In 2008 Bev launched she solo career as an extraordinary dancer.

She was virtually unknown by then. In August 2011 Bev together with Mercy Mukumire, Chantel Dlamini and Brenda Cocoa formed the S*xy Angels group.

The group members came from various dance groups. It was this group that made Bev a household name.

She became one of the most sought-after dancers, having shows for the whole week from Tuesday up to Sunday.Sometimes, she even had double bookings in a single day.Bev’s s*xually suggesting dance routines, endeared her to many men.

Music career

In 2013, Bev was said to have ventured into the music industry after having enlisted the services of prominent South African Musician Freddy Gwala and other local artistes to feature on her album.


Bottle Dance

In 2012 Bev launched a new dance which was termed ‘Bottle Dance’. The dance became so popular that it earned her enough money to move into a flat in the splush suburb and to buy a car.

Conversion to Christianity

In January 2014, Bev was reportedly repented after Walter Magaya ministered to her. The ministry helped her open a clothing shop in March 2014.

As some people expected Bev only after three months at Magaya’s, she went back to dancing after a fall out with the ministry.

The Comeback

It was reported that prior to Bev making her comeback to the dance floor, the dancer had previously threatened to leave the church if things did not work out.

In April 2014 Bev returned to the dance floor after she was allegedly assaulted by Magaya’s security guard and from one unnamed church congregant.

The latter were allegedly jealousy of Bev and Magaya’s close relationship which is said to have culminated in the “hatred and persecution” of Bev.

Bev’s said reason for going back to her old ways was lack of money. She said she had become tired of begging since the shop was not making profit.

The dancing fraternity showed that her return was well overdue as she was involved in a double booking storm

Alleged Affairs

There once widespread rumours that Bev had at one point dated South African based Zimbabwean footballer Khama Billiat.

It was also rumoured that Bev had the picture of Khama as her whatsapp profile picture with an accompanying status which read “Zvamunoona mwana uyu takadanana…”

Among some of the most prominent men that were also said to have been dating Bev was Walter Magaya. It was reported that another congregant had confronted Bev accusing her of dating the charismatic healer which did not go down well with Bev leading to a fight.


It was alleged that the pole dancer’s conduct at the Airport Lounge during the Harare International Carnival’s Samba Night was unbecoming after she invited male patrons on stage and started performing s*xual gyrations with them.

This was not the first time that Bev had been put behind bars for conduct as she had also been previously locked together with Zoey for breaching the terms of their licenses in September 2012.

Death Reports

In similar fashion to a stunt pulled off by artiste Lady Squanda, Bev is said to have also done the same in an attempt to boost her publicity.

Andy Muridzo Pregnancy Controversy

Beverly Sibanda was two months pregnant with musician Andy Muridzo’s child

He denied paternity although he admitted that he had an affair with Sibanda in 2016. He also claimed to have come clean to his wife and apologised.


African Dancehall Queen Award

2015DAZ Best Female Dancer 2017

and more than 7 awards with her group the S*xy Angels.