Zuva Habane Accepts Chiedza Tawuchira’s Apology For Body Shaming Her.


American based socialite Chiedza Tawuchira took to social media this morning to apologise to Zuva Habane for body shaming her.

This happened after a certain publication published a story from Zuva Habane’s post of being a s3x slave years ago.Chiedza Tawuchira made a post on her social media which was meant for Zuva Habane calling her fat and a s3x slave for broke men.Zuva Habane responded peacefully in a video asking her to leave her alone , to stop looking down on others and all people are equal.

9 months later soon after the release of her book , Chiedza has become a changed person who is now using social media to lift up other women.Chiedza Tawuchira Mavangira is an author , model , actress and a former Red Carpet correspondant for Star FM in USA.