The founding station manager of Capitalk FM , Napoleon Nyanhi has started a very big debate on a social network platform for Zimbabwean interllectuals called twitter.

The former Star Fm breakfast show co-anchor , Napster posted a controversial tweet claiming that just like cellphones , having a fancy car proves nothing.

A fan even asked how he posts a $19 million Buggatti La Voiture Noire and still says it proves nothing.Dj Napster said a car is just a mode of transport and not a status symbol.

Dj Napster continued on saying that a car is nothing but just a fleeting possession which is owned by victims of clever capitalism.

The twitter thread was very humourous as the radio personality claimed he owns a Honda CR-V.Another twitter user also claimed that billionaire and founder of Facebook , Mark Zuckerburg uses a Honda Fit.