Zuva Habane was the centre of attraction yesterday night at Asanka Club in Sandton for The All Fly Friday events

Dressed to kill and looking all kinds of good in a small silver shiny party dress , Zuva showed the crowd that the queen of events is back in South Africa.

Our very own Urban Tete was having a great time dancing alongside the ChillSpot boss Dj Fantan and the Magate hitmaker Enzo Ishall.

This was Zuva Habane first public appearance back at her home in South Africa after almost 2 months in United States Of America for her birthdy and in Dubai where she was making money moves.

Zuva Habane recently showed the world that she is more than just a facebook personality when we all witnessed her boardroom meetings with top people in the corporate world

The Gweru native is among the Greenspan team that is bringing in investors to build an energy plant in Zimbabwe to help with fuel shortages and powercuts.