Chiefs in Matebeleland have called for the resignation of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Administration accusing them of leading the nation to becoming a pariah.

A press statement supposedly from the Matebeleland Chiefs said Mnangagwa has failed and wants to hide behind the sanctions so they must not be removed till he implements the reforms.

“Mnangagwa has failed to manage our economy and now wants us to believe it is because of sanctions, that logic has no credibility.

So long as ZDERA and Electoral Reforms are not implemented, the targetted international sanctions must remain,” said the Chiefs.

Chiefs said Mnangagwa and his Administration are responsible for the economic meltdown, not the sanctions.

“The current economic and social meltdown are not a result of these targeted international sanctions but of many other factors such as, the Administration’s corruption, political patronage, theft on a huge scale by this Administration, mismanagement, incompetence, break down of justice by the rule of rule, break down of democracy amongst many others, ” the said.

Matebeleland Chiefs added that the sanctions issue is a diversion exercise by this Administration, an attempt to take peoples minds off the economic and social meltdown yet the sanctions issue will not achieve any relief for the ordinary person.