” When we speak of promotion, its not only about a job, but rather a promotion in all areas of your life. Be it spiritually, maritally, or any other, receive it!”

“If you believe in the prophet, before December, you will receive it. Receive your job, receive your miracle, receive your promotion!”

This is not just about employment—it’s promotion in all spheres of your life! From today, you have been raised to be a head. Your business has been promoted—you will receive contracts, deals and tenders. God has elevated you; even spiritually. No more setbacks, no more confusion. No more stagnation.

1. Breast cancer was cancelled

Major 1 approaches a lady and asks her what’s her problem and she says she want to remove her breast. Major 1 prays for her and declares her.

If you are sick, connect to the healing and declare yourself free in the name of Jesus Christ!

2 .Kidneys Healed!

A lady on a wheel chair calls out for help from the Prophet. She explains with tears how her life is miserable and in pain all the time. She spends too much money on dialysis because she has kidney problem.

The Prophet prays for her and immediately she stands up as the Prophet is busy interceding calling on his God, God of Major 1 to come into the scene and do what only He can do!

She is delivered and healed. She stands and walks by herself!

No more sickness and no more pain

3.Business were granted

A man is located and told about the meeting he had last week Thursday about a business they are venturing in.
The man in total joy confirms the meeting with his friend.

The Prophet prays for him and tells him to receive as the Lord is promoting him! The deal is sealed!!

4.Millionaires were confirmed

Major 1 locates a woman and says I’m seeing you in a meeting with investors. She confirms to be true.

“I’m seeing mining and Forex business. I’m also seeing construction. You are the next millionaire he declares! I open your life,” he says.

Prophetic declaration

Oh Lord,
Lift me up,
Raise me up,
Promote me now!”

Receive it in the Mighty Name of Jesus!