According to Canada Info-Hub, it is very rare for an immigrant to earn more than $20 per hour.

This what you should realistically expect to earn and the deductions when you move to Canada. Every province has its own different tax bracket.


If you are earning $20 per hour, therefore you earn $150 a day, $1500 per fortnight , $3000 a month or $36 000 per year

Companies pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly

Let us calculate on someone getting paid Fortnightly. Your Tax bracket is 15% in Manitoba if you earn $20 per hour.

The following are the approximate calculated compulsory deductions in Manitoba.

Union Due $20

Federal Tax = 131.33

Provincial tax – $114.07

CPP – Canada Pension Plan – $69.63

EI – $24.30

NET INCOME: $1140.77 Per fortnight

MONTHLY NET: $2281.54 Per Month

Almost $800 has been deducted from your monthly salary.

Most New Immigrant Families in Canada are struggling. However, as you work for longer and your salary goes higher you will have a higher income. However, you will also have higher taxes.

Most people who live in Manitoba will live comfortably with $36 000 but this amount is not in places like Toronto. If you are in Toronto you will have to get a second job.

Finally, Here are the tax brackets in Manitoba Province and the Federal taxes:

Provincial Taxes

Up to $32 670 –¬†10.8%

$33 000 to – $72000


15% for first 45k

26% for 46k to 93k

29% 144k -205k

33% Above 206k