The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are investigating a robbery in which and unidentified person went away with a Toyota Prado and $6000 after conning a 21 year old boy who had been sent to get fuel.

The accused allegedly pretended to be a fuel attendant who could assist the young boy quickly.

“While in the queue for fuel the victim was lured by an unidentified person who pretended to be a fuel attendant at the service station.

He was clad in uniform similar to the ones used by service station workers and offered to quickly refuel the victim’s car for a reward,” said the Police.

ZRP added that the victim surrendered the car keys and bank card and also gave the accused the pin number of the card so that he could refuel.

The accused is said to have sped from the scene and used the bank card to draw $6000.00 .

The crime was committed in Greecroft, vehicle’s registration number is ACP 3787 and the ZRP said investigations are still in progress.