We have seen more sides of Tyra Chikocho as Madam Boss , Dudzai ,Brand Ambassador , Wife or Mother but we were all shocked when she revealed her other side as The Queen Of Clap Backs.

After attending her sister’s birthday last weekend , Madam Boss went viral , was judged and trolled for her choice of dressing.

It was a pool party and she dressed accordily but people online had their own way of thinking and opinions towards the swimsuit and the crop top that revealed too much flesh on her.

She managed to go through most profiles of people who were insulting her online to teach them a once lifetime lesson by uploading their pictures on her page.

Tyra explained how it hurts her to see other women pulling each other down in the name of getting facebook likes.She opened up to Aunty Jenny that sometimes she deletes the hate speech comments.

Tyra thanked her husband Mhofela for being there for her through thick and thin.She described him as a soulmate and the most supportive person in her life.