Dr Arikana Chihombori Quao was fired for criticizing France which made African countries sign the pact for continuation of colonization, an agreement that takes over $300 billion from Africa to France every year.

The pact was signed by leaders of the Francophone countries when the colonizers were leaving Africa between 1958 and 1961.

Dr Chihombori Quao said France made these countries sign the pact as they claimed that they had a colonial debt to pay for what they had received as assistance.

“We built you schools, roads, hospitals and taught you about the fork and knife and sitting on a table eating with utensils so we are calling that a colonial debt, for that you shall pay to perpetuity.

You will deposit 85 percent of your bank reserves with the French minister of finance,” she said.

According to the pact, the French minister will invest that money in the French stock exchange under a French name in which African countries may or may not know the returns.

Dr Chihombori said ” We the poor countries are giving France over $500 billion a year and noone is talking about it and for every 14 billion they invest, they are getting over $300″ she said.

She added that in actual fact, France is taking more than $300 billion out of Africa on a yearly basis.