Life is not rosy for many Zimbabweans living in South Africa . The number of homeless Zimbabweans living in Cape Town CBD and Johannesburg CBD is growing daily.

We interviewed quiet a number of both women and men living in the streets in Cape Town. They revealed that they opted to live in the streets of Cape Town because they did not not get jobs.

We spoke to one of them who refused to reveal his identity. He said he has been begging since 2015. He landed in Cape Town in search of greener pastures but life became difficult . He did not find any job.

During the day most of them spend the day on the outskirts of Cape Town CBD sitting or sleeping , trying to avoid bumping into people they may know.

In the evening they come back again to beg or scavenge for food. Some are always roaming around KFC at Cape Town station in search of food.

Life has become very difficult in Zimbabwe.People are forced to seek greener pastures in the diaspora. To some the diaspora becomes worse that Zimbabwe.