Sunday 13 October 2019

Millionaire Mindset Sunday –
Ilford, London

There is nothing you can do without raising the issue of money. Everything around us is money language and the evidence of what money can do.

Despite all the criticism this can get we need money in order for us to function in a certain manner and so that we can serve well in the body of Christ.

Your mindset has to be channelled towards a certain level of thinking that is towards becoming a millionaire. Everything we use in te House of God is money simply converted into something we can visibly see and appreciate.

For the church to be as to reach out to many there is need for money. Planes for them to fly they don’t use water, they use fuel which needs to be bought by money.

Live a life that attracts moneys. Money knows the people that love it. Give money respect and it will become your friend. Focus on making money that speaks. Little money does not make noise , that is is also the reason why broke people are the most talkative.

Be a millionaire in the making.Talk about money everywhere you are, develop the money language. God is giving you money that speaks.

#Tongue speaking money

#The Zion currency.

#God is giving you money the supernatural way.

#Respect Money