The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) has chosen to disregard the Labour Court verdict calling for doctors to report to work with immediate effect saying they have plans to make an appeal to the Supreme Court.

October 13 2019 marked the 42nd since doctors nationwide declared incapacitation, they have noted with great dismay the verdict which orders them to return to work when nothing has been done to alleviate their incapacitation.

ZHDA said they are waiting for an update from the Treasury to see if they can increase their salaries to $80 per hour from the $12, although it will not be surprising for government to raise it to $20.

The Association urged its members to remain strong and hopeful as they fight battles from different offices, they will continue to negotiate for viable solutions to end this incapacitation.

They acknowledged receipt of the verdict, unfortunately it does not capacitate any of their concerns.

In a statement, ZHDA said they have tabled a proposal to have on-call allowances reviewed monthly in accordance with prevailing interbank rate however, the Health Services Board rejected this offer due to their inability to peg salaries to USD.