Today I want to unpack the proposal by the Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denominations (ZHOCD) that was presented to both Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa on 8 October 2019.

The proposal is important as it is the first tangiable proposal for Zimbabwe to move forward.

Who is ZHOCD

They are made up of the main churches in Zimbabwe and have been working in the space

They met Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa on the 8th of October 2019 and met ED Mnangagwa. They will be expecting responses from both leaders.

Basis of the Proposal

– There is an unsustainable political, social and economic crisis in Zimbabwe

– The Crisis can not be solved by one person

– The 2 political parties are failing to move out of the election mode

– Election periods have been characterized by violence

– It is the people that will continue to suffer

Objectives of the Proposal

– Create a non competitive environment

– Heal Past wounds

– Recover the economy

– Build a new culture of cooperation

How it will work

The church seeks to create an environment for genuine Dialogue and reforms

– Establish an emergency recovery mechanism for the vulnerable

– Rebuild trust and confidence

– Develop a shared national agenda

– establish a national and shared economic vision

– 7 year Suspension elections

 This will all begin with a National referendum to determine the transitional arrangement.

This referendum will be led by a consultative process for the form of transitional arrangement to put in place.


I like it because it is simple

If implemented t will detoxify Zimbabwean politics


There is no legal framework for it

It will require both ZANU-PF and MDC to be out of politics

It will require ED Mnantagwa to step down

It does not consider the role of the Zimbabwe Military


It will be very interesting to see how both ED Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa will respond.

This is an admission by key players that POLAD has failed.