ED Mnangagwa has sent a team headed by Oppah Muchinguri -Kashiri to monitor presidential, provincial and legislative elections in Mozambique as chair of SADC organ on politics defence and politics.

However this is a position many Zimbabweans believe ED Mnangangwa does not qualify to hold as some view him as an illegitimate president of Zimbabwe or a president born out of a court outcome than from the will of the people through a free and fair election .

Elections will be held on 15 October 2019 in Mozambique. Oppah Muchinguri is expected to head the SADC observer mission on behalf of ED Mnangagwa who stands accused for stealing the 2018 elections .

There are serious doubts if really ED Mnangagwa can listen to many voices of opposition and humanitarian organisations in Mozambique when they view the election process as not free.

Charity begins at home . We can tell that the script to declare elections as free and fair by the SADC observer mission led by ED Mnangagwa is written already and it states that elections are free and fair even before people go out to cast their votes on 15 October.

One wonders how ED Mnangagwa is going to monitor elections in a foreign country after getting into power through a disputed election. SADC must step up and find best ways to monitor elections in the SADC to avoid accused election thieves monitoring elections . Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is accused by the main opposition MDCA for siding with ED Mnangagwa .