The Member of Parliament for Norton, Themba Mliswa has expressed his concern over rumours that Kasukuwere is about to challenge ED Mnangagwa government.

Speaking on his Twitter handle where he usually expresses himself, Honorable Mliswa said it would not do Kasukuwere any favour as he will be considered an enemy of the state.

Mliswa also explained that he did not believe it to be true as he believed Kasukuwere is now focusing on re-establishing his business interests and leading a normal life that ‘devoid of politics’

He however said it is up to Kasukuwere to dispel the rumours if they are not true as it will me it difficult for Mliswa to interact with him.

Themba Mliswa also urged Kasukuwere to support ED as it helps in nation building and also strengthens the economy.