Patrick Zhuwao

The deposed cabinet minister and nephew to the late Robert Mugabe apologised to Malema for the “deplorable manner in which his gesture of honouring the legacy of Robert Mugabe was abused by Mnangagwa’s regime”.

In an open letter to Malema, Zhuwao said the treatment was a desperate move by Mnangagwa to divert attention from the way he drove Mugabe to an early grave.

“The objective of the abuse and disparagement is to deflect attention from how Mnangagwa’regime and its associated entities hounded and tormented Mugabe into his death in exile,” he said.

Zhuwao added that Mnangagwa is a bully who had continued on a programme of retribution against Mugabe’s widow and family, setting illegal panners onto the family’s farm.

He told Malema that Mnangagwa has continued to use the state owned and controlled Sunday Mail newspaper to abuse Malema for honouring the memory of Mugabe.

Mugabe’s nephew dissociated himself from the G40 cabal saying he is still mourning his uncle and has no time for such political shenanigans.