Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that just before Mugabe died, ED Mnangagwa reportedly visited his traditional healer for a consultation.

Our sources say the traditional healer told him that he had to make sure that he performs certain rituals on Mugabe ‘s body.

Mugabe apparently had some very powerful strength that had to be transferred to ED Mnangagwa.

If he failed to carry out this ritual, ED Mnangagwa would go mad and then die shortly after.

The son of this traditional healer reportedly went mad thereafter and is still mad as we speak after trying to block this spell.

This is why ED Mnangagwa was frantically trying to get hold of Mugabe ‘s body for burial.

When he heard that Mugabe’ s body was going to be moved to Zvimba, he immediately came back from the United Nations General Assembly meeting in the USA last week.

However, he failed to stop the funeral and so he will reportedly suffer the consequences.

Mugabe Relatives

Mugabe relatives have reportedly performed a ritual on Mugabe so that he can torment ED Mnangagwa with axes, Staffs and bows and arrows.


A certain young lady called Gambakwe Media and revealed a vision that she saw.

In this vision, she said she saw Mugabe in his coffin.

Immediately thereafter, she saw Mnangagwa crawling into the same coffin.

So, now there were two of them in the same coffin.

She interpreted it to mean that ED Mnangagwa will die soon after Mugabe.

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