Members of Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association said they resolved to continue with their industrial action following a series of unfruitful meetings with representatives of the Health Service Body.

Meanwhile the Health Service Body chairperson doctor Paulina Sikhona threatened doctors that they will not be paid if they continue striking .

Speaking with Rutendo Mawere of studio seven , Doctor Masimba Ndoro made it clear that doctors are not threatened by a statement from the Health Service Body. Doctor Learnmore added that they have been receiving peanuts from the govenment.

It is reported that most patients were sent home . Many wards in Parirenyatwa hospital are reported to be empty .

The government of ED Mnangagwa is not committed in resolving any health challenging issues in the country. Zimbabwe has a serious shortage of medication. Senior government officials are treated abroad leaving the masses dying back home. Ordinary Zimbabweans are forced to turn to faith churches or traditional healers for survival.