Today I want to close off the discussion we started last week. I started off by saying Zimbabwe is a spiritual country.

The people who colonised Zimbabwe knew this. This is why they first dominated the spiritual centres of the country. They did this in such a way that they would still dominate Zimbabwe long after they are gone.

How Zimbabwe was spirituality dominated

-On arrival in Zimbabwe, Cecil John Rhodes set up his capital at Masvingo, next to the Great Zimbabwe, a Spiritual centre of Zimbabwe
– On his Death, Cecil John Rhodes chose to be buried at Matopos, a spiritual Centre of Zimbabwe
– Cecil John Rhodes built a cottage overlooking the mysterious Nyanga Mountains and dam, this is where he went to get ideas, this is a spiritual Centre of Zimbabwe
– Traditional Chiefs who did not comply were dethroned and replaced with impostors
– Spirit Mediums were killed, for example Nehanda and Kaguvi
– A statue of David Livingstone was placed at the Vic Falls, a major spiritual Centre for Zimbabwe

To build his kingdom, Cecil John Rhodes first identified the local spirit mediums to collaborate with him.

The war of liberation

When the war of liberation started,  Smith realised the importance of making a declaration – He declared that Zimbabwe will never be ruled by a black man in a thousand years.

This was a spiritual statement, a curse. One person that I spoke to said this curse will last for 160 years or four generations.

Even though Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980, Zimbabweans have never known peace.

The country has declined drastically and Zimbabweans have never known freedom.

In fact, Smith’ curse on the country still stands today.

How do curses work

Now I want to give you the example of black spots. There are certain areas in Zimbabwe that are known for accidents.

An example is a stretch of road on the Masvingo – Mutare Highway.

One day a wedding procession was driving past and had an accident. Both the groom and the bride groom died. The bodies were taken to the police in Masvingo.

A few days later,  on their way back for burial, the funeral procession had another accident at the very same spot where the wedding procession had had an accident.

Thereafter,  that place bacame a black spot. There would be a fatal single vehicle accident almost every month.

After a number of such accidents on this spot, the local leaders performed a traditional ritual at this spot. Thereafter, there was never another accident there.

So in Zimbabwe,  there is a similar thing happening. Things keep going wrong.

A number of people that I have spoken to have remarked that spiritually,  Zimbabwe is still at war. Zimbabweans are still running away into exile and there is no end in sight to the fighting.

So its clear that there needs to be a better understanding of the role of the traditional owners of the country.

There is also a need to carry out traditional ceremonies to bring peace to those who died at war.

Its clear that the political system in the country has dominated the cultural and traditional,  however,  it should be tte other way, the traditional should dominate the political.

Now we need to go to the issues of symbols and installations.

These were placed there deliberately by the the colonialists who had a deeper understanding of the signifinacts of these acts. These need to be moved from these centres into museums.


The biggest problem in Zimbabwe at the moment is identity.

Zimbabweans are scattered all over the world. Many will leave children in foreign countries who have no knowledge of their roots.

There is a need to address the traditional issues before the current generation who have more knowledge about these issues depart.