A leaked photo of Mary Chiwenga has shown her with a massive palm swelling at a public function at Borrowdale on the 30th of September 2019.

The function was the opening of a new sewage plant at the invitation of the Borrowdale Brooke Homeowners Association.

Mary Chiwenga, a former beauty queen and supermodel, has been sick for some time and is rumoured to have been afflicted by the same disease as her husband, General Chiwenga.

Mary Chiwenga has lately been wearing gloves in public, or a bandage.

This was recently seen at the funeral of an Army General where she wore a long glove.

The swelling of Mary’s hands appears to have started after the Inaguration of ED Mnangagwa, as seen below.

Perfect Hands at Mnangagwa Inaguration

It has been speculated that Mary Chiwenga was Poisoned at the same time as General Chiwenga.

However, Mary has never been hospitalized.

General Chiwenga has not been seen in public since May, and recent reports have indicated that he can no longer speak.