A major Tweeter fight has broken out between Temba Mliswa and ZANU PF MP, Justice Mayor Wadyajena over Kuda Tagwirei.

This after Wadyajena continued to insist that Kuda Tagwirei had fled Zimbabwe for the UK.

Wadyajena insists Kuda Tagwirei ran
ED Mnangagwa knows about it

On the other hand, Temba Mliswa insisted that Mayor was being malicious.

Temba Mliswa Slams Wadyajena
Temba Accuses Wadyajena of fraud

And Temba Defended Tagwirei

Temba fights in Tagwirei ‘s corner

Wadyajena has the most expensive car in Zimbabwe and is a former partner of Tagwirei.

Kuda Tagwirei is one of the richest men in Zimbabwe, rumoured to be the infamous Queen B.

He is reportedly working with General Chiwenga after falling out with ED Mnangagwa.

Tagwirei is also ED M ‘s cousin.