The controversial and charismatic London based prophet Uebert Angel has rebuked people who depend on annointing oil for miracles.

The remark came in a period where many Christians are hinging their lives and financial “breakthroughs”on handkerchiefs, olive oil, posters of prophets amongst other materials they buy from various prophets.

Many have been left dejected with some even backsliding after failing to see miracles that are said to come with the’ annointed’ materials.

Addressing his congregants in London, Prophet Angel said the “annointing” is useless on its own. It is similar to electric cables transmitting the electricity that we want.

Annointing oil is only a conduit of power which in most cases works by revalation and this is the reason why many people buy the ‘annointed’ oil but experience no breakthrough.

He added that Christians should have a communion with God first before expecting the manifestation of his power through these various materials.