The Mugabe family is now afraid of the consequences of betraying ED Mnangagwa on Mugabe’s burial.

The Mugabe family had agreed to bury Robert Mugabe at the Heroes Acre to Mnangagwa. Construction of the Mausoleum had since started and the cost was speculated to be $ 1 million.

Of late, in Mnangagwa’s absence, Grace Mugabe gave heed to Julius Malema’s call to respect the dead man’s wish by burying him in his prefered burial place of choice.

Speaking at the burial ceremony, Chidhakwa said ,” We thank President Mnangagwa because since the death of Baba he said he will let the family decide on the funeral and burial arrangements. BUT IT’S NOT THE FAMILY THAT DECIDED vaMugabe is the one who said he wanted to be buried here at his home. We really followed his wish and we are happy President Mnangagwa has also granted him that wish”

The family clearly distanced itself from the decision citing that it was beyond their control but Mugabe’s sole decision.