1. Before the Liberation war, there was a ritual done in 1971.
2. A Spirit medium in Zambia told Hebert Chitepo that to win the war, they had to see the Spirit i Medium called Nehanda Nyakasikana in Zimbabwe , so he sent some freedom fighters to go and fetch her to Zambia.
3. However, Nehanda Nyakasikana already knew that they were coming and started preparing.
4. The spirit mediums Chidyamauyu, Chipfeni, Chiodzamamera, Chinange, Chiwawa and Chinengabere met with Nehanda and did Rituals in late 1971.
5. Nehanda did not eat for a month
6. Nehanda Nyakasikana was later to be carried to Zambia in 1972
7. The rituals were done at the mountain called Mavhuradhonha to Nyatsimba mutota
8. When the freedom fighters arrived Nehanda told them that if they had not included women in the War it would have lasted only 3 weeks.
9. Nehanda was carried to Zambia on a stretcher by the Freedom fighters
10. Once in Zambia, at Chifombo, All the Leaders of the Freedom Fighters came to Nehanda for a ritual
11. She told Chitepo and Tongogara that they would not see a free Zimbabwe, they would die before.
12. After a week Nehanda said she was about to die and called all the leaders together.

She said 6 things should be done once Zimbabwe was Free

1. Zimbabwe should be dedicated to the ancestors ( With a certain 12 year old boy present)
2. There should be an inaguration of real chiefs by the appointed family
3. You should preserve your Forests and sacred places
4. You should remove statues and graves of the colonisers e.g. Rhodes grave from Matopo.
5. The Inaguration of the Zimbabwe President must be done traditionally and not using western ways.
6. A ceremony should be held at the Great Zimbabwe

The cloths and the staff

– There are two sets of cloths which Nehanda Nyakasikana was carrying
– A set that went to Zambia
– A cloth that flew back by itself back to her home  before she crossed the river to Zambia
– Nehanda also had a staff

The Boy

– There was a 12 year old boy that Nehanda nominated that whenever Zimbabwe rituals are held, that boy should be present.

Other Factors

– These rituals were done to the Zezuru Ancestors, the current leaders are the Karangas. Will it work?
– People have been looking for the cloth and Staff of Mbuya Nehanda. Only the 12 year old boy knows where it is.
– Will the rituals work if the boy dies before they are done?
–  Will the real Nehanda Nyakasikana spirit Medium rise again?