Gambakwe Media sources have revealed that General Chiwenga is not getting better. In fact, he is currently not able to talk after yet another operation.

General Chiwenga has been ill for more than a year, and he is reportedly weak and unable to do much for himself.

Kembo Mohadi

Vice President Kembo Mohadi is now playing an increasingly bigger role in government and is currently acting President while ED Mnangagwa is in New York.

Mary Chiwenga

Mary Chiwenga is still isolated in Harare, having failed to attend the Burial of Robert Mugabe. She is still being spied on by Zimbabwe Intelligence and has resorted to staying with relatives.


General Chiwenga suspects ED Mnangagwa and members or his Faction of being behind his Poisoning.

He has reportedly instructed that ED Mnangagwa should not be allowed to visit him. The two men have not spoken since General Chiwenga left the country earlier this year for South Africa.

Chiwenga was reportedly Poisoned three times. However, the source of the Poisoning has not been established.

The effects of the Poisoning resulted in him having multiple organ failure.


So far General Chiwenga has undergone a number of operations

– Blocked throat was unblocked
– System was totally detoxed
– An anti – Dote was applied in China

Future operations

Because of the extensive to his internal Organs, Chiwenga is on:
– Intravenous feeding
– drip for water and liquid
– Kidney dialysis
– bowel  and waster bags

Operation Restore Economy

It is widely believed that General Chiwenga wants to remove ED Mnangagwa if he recovers.

ED Mnangagwa will be removed in a Coup similar to the one the removed Robert Mugabe.

ED Mnangagwa will be hoping that General Chiwenga stays away longer as he consolidates his power. He has also started moving against perceived General Chiwenga allies.

Third force

ED Mnangagwa and his Faction have recently started talking of a third force which is trying to derail the progress that ED Mnangagwa is making by conducting illegal operations such as abductions and Tortures.

This is indirectly seen as an admission of the deep divisions between General Chiwenga and ED Mnangagwa which run right across the government, including between the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, where General Chiwenga is in charge and the Ministry of Finance. Where ED Mnangagwa ‘s close ally, Mthuli Ncube is in control.


If General Chiwenga is sick beyond December, ED Mnangagwa will likely remove him for incapacitation.

This is likely to anger the Military Faction that brought Mnangagwa into office and will result in yet another Coup, this time based on tribal lines.