New reports have confirmed that Bishop Berry Dambadza was being pushed out from the Church leadership by some upper room ministries pastors who were meeting right at the time when his body was found outside Rezende Parkade.

His wife, Rev Sithembeni Dambadza Was nowhere near the church according to various people.

Here is the message that is circulating :

The issue is about embezzlement of church funds. There was a meeting which was being held today at PAOZ Bible College in Hatfield against the said Pastor. (Upper Room Ministries is part of PAOZ).

He chose to run away from the meeting as he was going to be fired by senior PAOZ leaders including Pastor Trevor Manhanga who had been hunting for his head.

Others pastors wanted him to step down as he had overstayed in power which was not according to the church rules.

He left a suicide note to the effect. At the time he jumped to his death his wife was at Avenues Clinic nursing her mother. Pastor Dambadzo consciously chose his place of suicide. Next to a church he has pastored for decades.

It is clear that the church was gripped in a vicious fight for control. Anything is possible.

The church has also not made any attempts to correct the false statements about Rev Sithembeni Dambadza ‘s alleged cheating through issuing a press statement.

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