It is now beyond reasonable doubt that Magombeyi’s abduction was stage managed. The interview with studio 7 betrayed him. Is that it? YES !! But this time by ED Mnangagwa.

Everything just went according to plan. Dr Magombeyi was captured by ED Mnangagwa and he is working for the Junta. MDC didn’t stage this abduction, if it had, it would have actively participated in the solidarity action like marches etc.

However, ED Mnangagwa government has been desperate to validate the stage managed abduction theories. That’s where Magombeyi chipped in. He was captured for that specific reason.

Magombeyi was just taken away, he cordinated, that’s why he had the number of C10 saved in his phone, he used his phone to text friends before abduction and even used it after abduction. The guy was on air with Studio 7 straight from the bush. Who has such boldness?? The phone had battery for more than 4 days. Asked where he had been, he says he knows nothing. Asked whether he is injured or not, he says it’s minor.

What a good story for Zanu Pf to run with. All the Gonyeti and league abductions are just reduced to nothing but comic acts.

Yes it was stage managed, not by MDC, but by Zanu Pf, for its good!!