I have received more information on what has happened to Dr Peter Magombeyi and who did it.

According to two anonymous sources, if someone is taken by Zimbabwe Military Intelligence and you see a delay in their release they have already died during interrogation.

The sources explained that if he died during torture they will make up a story and he will likely be found at the side of a road or in one of the mortuaries.

He said people like Jestina Mukoko survived the torture and that is why they were released.

Here are the names of the Officers Involved in the Disappearance of Dr Peter Magombeyi and other recent cases.

Lieutenant Colonel Kembo from SAS Military Intelligence

Brigadier Mike Sango who is now ambassador to Russia used to lead that unit.

An old man from ZRP – Henry Dowa

– Major – Fortune Morondatsimba  Nickname – Zoto – Special Air Services ( Special Forces) his number is +263 772 5813 23

– Sergeant Kambeva –  SAS

– A Private called – Chigondo

Nelson Mutseta – from CIO Operating in Ruwa – Lives in Barrow Steet/Sarudzai Nyamaropa Street in Ruwa. He used to be a bodyguard for Mugabe.

This is what people normally refer to as the Ferret Team, that is abducting people.

SAS moved from Kabrit Barracks in 2007  and it’s now at Inkomo. It is very isolated.

Colonel Kembo is the most ruthless. He is not rich and does not get money. He got his rank because of ruthlessness. He was not qualified for the job.

– Even Senior Officers are terrified of these people
– If you are followed by Kembo it’s over for you.

According to the sources, Brigadier Mike Sango and Fidelis Fengu were involved in the disappearance of Itai Dzamara.