Zimbabwe Military Intelligence has been involved in various abductions in recent days. The latest case is that of Dr Peter Mugombeyi, who has been missing since Sartuday.

There are two types of abductions in Zimbabwe, a hard abduction and a soft abduction.

A hard abduction happens at night and normally with no one in sight.

Today we look at the case that happened in 2008, where more than 30 MDC Supporters were Abducted, including Mathe and Mpamdawana, who was the MP.

In 2008 after re-run, after tsvangirai had been forced to pull out of the re-run.

In Kadoma, the MDC  MP,  Mupandawana was very angry about the results of the re run.

They decided to retaliate and remove ZANU PF by force. So they bombed a supermarket at Rio Tinto supermarket called Chemukute.

Mpandawana and another MDC Activist Called Mathe had  access to Spikes and explosives.

On the next day after the bombing, there was a round up around 10am.

Key leaaders of the MDC were being Abducted and were taken to different locations.

Incedentally one of the guys who was arrested had named  a ZANU PF official as the seller of explosives.

A Blue Santana came with 8 unknown men. These men were Military Intelligence.

People were taken to Kadoma central police station. There we 30 people altogether.

MP Mpandawana and Mathe were missing. They were not in the cells.

Mathe was later brought into the cell around 1am. He was bleeding from all over like a shower . I had never seen anything like that before.

He explained that he was taken into the graveyard where he was tortured.

As he was speaking they started calling MDC supporters one by one and you don’t see them after that.

By the morning it was only the ZANU PF official and Mathe left in the room.

Later in the Morning they brought everyone . All of them had been tortured.

Mathe died soon after release and then after 5 months Mpandawana passed away.


– ZANU PF responds with a lot of force using military intelligence, ZANU PF and CIO
– The current abductions are in prep for 2023 Elections

– To someone who has been Abducted the most important thing is for people outside to make as much noise as possible