CBZ Bank Zimbabwe has denied issuing fake US Dollars to their clients.

This follows a viral story on social media where a CBZ customer received fake USD$200 notes from one of the bank tellers:

This is what CBZ bank said in their Press statement:

CBZ Bank wishes to advise members of the public that social media posts circulating alleging the bank is issuing fake USD is untrue.

The case cited involves an isolated incident from one of our customers who claimed that two counterfeit USD$100 notes were issued by the Bank to the customer.

Investigations conducted revealed that the customer’s cash withdrawal transaction was handled procedurally by the Branch and there was no evidence that the counterfeit notes originated from our bank.

The bank uses counterfeit note detectors, CCTV surveillance, regular checks and note by note authentication among other risk control measures to safeguard our customers’ transactions.

As CBZ we would like to re-assure our customers of our commitment to ensuring that your transactions remain secure with us.