Controversial self proclaimed man of God Apostle Talent Chiwenga who known for attacking other Men of God, politicians and even journalists including Zim Eye’s Simba Chikanza and Nelson Chamisa had no kind words for his own congregant.

In a short video posted online, Chiwenga hit out at a woman and called her all sorts of names and insulted her. He went on to ask the camera man to find her and bring her on the screen so that the whole world will see her.

He dressed her down and stripped her of all her dignity and womanhood. Social Media users who usually praise the man of cloth were shocked on how he handled issues like that, because it is believed that Church is like a hospital, sick people spiritually go there to help in their weaknesses, insulting a member of Church over a sin is like a doctor insulting a patient over a sickness they have, instead of helping them.

In as much as it is good to correct errors, it is wrong to embarrass a congregant over her mistakes because even you (Apostle Chiwenga) have your own flaws, no one is perfect, as the Good Book says. Another user said.

It is going to be very difficult for her to come back to Church after such an embarrassment. Everyone has mistakes and weaknesses, even his leadership (Apostle Chiwenga), the fact that nothing has been said is not because they are perfect, it’s just that they haven’t been caught.

Watch the video below, what do you think about this way of rebuke?