The Victorios ladies will be meeting at their usual Chinhoyi venue from the 23rd to the 27th of September. It will be a powerpacked package as pro used by the woman of God. Women from all corners of Zimbabwe will gathered at the venue, victorious ladies from South Africa, Zambia, Australia, Canada just to name a few will be coming.

Invited guests include Pelisa Kene(Christ Ambassadors Life Centre SA),Brenda Wabwire(Healing Water Church,Kampala Uganda), Gay Malonga(Riot Ministries Dar er Salam ) Kudzai Mubaiwa(Finance and Digital Literacy Trainer (Zimbabwe ), Fortunate Kufakunesy UFIC, Clara Kumwenda UFIC, Mercy Hwenga UFIC.

Addressing thousands at the Chitungwiza Basilica ,this is what Prophet Makandiwa had to say This woman is one of a kind, one that I can never compare to anyone. I’m not saying this because she is my wife but it’s a revelation that I’m giving to all of you. This woman carries a unique Grace,that anything she touched flourishes. I personally have taken my projects to her just for her touch not for prayer. If i was that kind of a Preacher who would allow her oftenly to minister you would never want to see me here again. For those of you that are attending the Ladies Camp meeting i will just ask for the Grace to be released so that you can see for yourself

This is what awaits us ladies. Let’s not miss this for anything. Countdown begins