In a sign of things to come, Grace Mugabe literally did not speak to ED Mna the whole time she was at the airport.

ED Mnangagwa had initially wanted the speeches to be made at State House but as part of the compromise, Mugabe ‘s body went directly to his house at Blue Roof.

Such was the confusion that the tent was only put up at Mugabe’ s house after the body had landed at the Airport.

Mary Chiwenga was not part of the group that metĀ  the body at the airport and she also did not show up at the Blue roof Mansion.

Chiwenga himself has issued a statement saying he is in China, although many believe that he is actually back in Zimbabwe.

However, the Zvimba Chiefs were present to receive the body.

Patrick Zhuwao ‘s wife also accompanied Grace although most of the Mugabe family were not present for fear of arrest.

Its clear that Grace Mugabe Blames ED Mnangagwa for the removal of Mugabe and his death in a foreign land.

Patrick Zhuwao also appeared on South Africa TV last night blasting ED Mnangagwa for the way he hauntes Mugabe out of Zimbabwe.

As the haggling over Mugabe’ Burial place continues, this is what happens next:


Parade at Rufaro stadium


Parade at Rufaro Stadium


Funeral at National Sports Stadium

Now that Mugabe has died and Grace has no viable income in Zimbabwe, it is most likely that she will be forced to come back and live in Zimbabwe.

Receny reports have indicated that Mugabe was financially strained during his last days, living on pocket money from the government of Zimbabwe.

As I said earlier this week, these financial issues are likely to guide Grace Mugabe’ s decision on where Mugabe will finally be buried.

In other news:

The ZBC’s only camera broke down during ED Mnangagwa ‘s speech after overheating. ED Mnangagwa was therefore denied an opportunity to reach millions of people at this event.

Workmen at Mugabe’ s house claimed that a strange gust of wind knocked down poles at a tent they were setting up for Mugabe ‘s funeral guests.