Zvimba Chiefs are reportedly afraid that Mugabe’s Burial At the National Heroes Acre could expose him to sole traditional power rituals.

On the other hand, Grace Mugabe will have a very important role to play.

My source says there are two Graves reserved near Sally’s grave at the National Heroes Acre . Mugabe could be buried in one of these. Grace would want assurances that she will be buried in the other grave if she dies.

At the moment, she is almost certain that the current government will not declare her a National hero!

This means Mugabe and Sally will be buried at Heroes Acre while she is buried in Zvimba with the kids.

Grace reportedly dosent like this possibility. She will therefore oppose Mugabe’s Burial At the National Heroes Acre for this reason.

In the other hand, ED Mnangagwa is adamant that Mugabe should be buried at the Heroes Acre and is doing everything in his power to achieve this.