In this narration, a member of an elite group of miracle actors operating in Harare exposes the unbelievable happenings at Pentecostal churches in the city.

He recalls an incident where , after prophet Walter Magaya angered Madzibaba Moses, because he kept saying members of the apostolic sects operate using marine spirits: Madzibaba Moses hired a girl called Stella.

Stella was paid by Madzibaba Moses to go and stay at Magaya’s hotel for a week. She pretended to be unable to walk. On the Sunday, she was brought to the service by bus and and sat down.

She had been coached by Madzibaba Moses: When Magaya prayed for her ,she was asked to continue sitting down and continue pretending to be on crutches.

When Prophet Magaya prayed for her she didnt stand !

She then asked the ushers to take her to the toilets. It was raining and the usher went away.

She then ran away and went to Madzibaba Moses who then “healed” her!

Madzibaba Moses then showed the congregation the photos of Stella in Magaya’s hotel and said to them that this was proof that he and not Magaya, was the true healer!