Sunday Combined Service

08 September 2019

Prophet E. Makandiwa

Scriptures: Luke 8:50

Title: Do not FEAR!!!

• There’s nothing that the devil will ever do to cause us not to exist. Since we are there already created by God, Nothing else shall ever happen that’ll make us disappear and we thank God for that.

• Proof that God loves you is when He gives you wonderful people.

[Luke 8:50]

• Last Sunday we spoke about The coming of Faith and The coming of Hearing by the word of God but here we have a different situation.

• We are being told of Jairus the ruler of the synagogue who had his only daughter very sick and he went to Jesus to get help. He was faced with a situation that made him realise that though he was the ruler of the synagogue there was someone who rules over people and places. The people knew that Jesus had the grace to heal the sick and they also knew that Jesus was different from them and they acknowledged it. They knew that when Jesus speaks something happens. Jairus believed that if only he could bring Jesus to his house then something good was going to happen. The condition was at home, so terrible that he couldn’t bring it home.

• Don’t look at how I appear here, the problem is not here but at home. The ruler came to Jesus but he left his problem at home. If you’re a man of God and not prophetic enough you might overlook certain people and think that everything is ok with the people by looking at their appearance. People have mastered the art of covering up their situations yet they’ve terrible situations at home.

• Jesus on his way to Jairus’ home he met a woman with the issue of blood who by touching the hem of His garment was made whole without being prayed for by Jesus. The woman was so careful not to touch Jesus himself because she didn’t want to be known or recognized. She went to an area where she knew (or thought) he wasn’t sensitive enough to be feel anything. She thought the garment was not Jesus and Jesus was not the garment but she got the shock of her life. If you touch the hem of his garment you’ve touched Him. Anyone who can touch anything that’s connected to Him then you’ve touched Him.

• Jesus has a way of lending Himself so that anything that’s connected to Him is Him and it carries His Power.

• When we are touched by needs the power in us moves. There’s a level in life where you can extract power from a Man of God even without his consent. This is what the woman with the issue of blood did. Jesus and this woman were not in agreement yet power moved. You carry the problems but Jesus carries the solutions. The woman touched him because she knew the power was there. The woman didn’t just have faith but she acted on her faith. After being healed by her faith she was also given peace by Jesus.

• Apart from the many problems that you’ve you should also have faith

• Imagine if it was you having managed to invite Jesus to your house and along the say to your home he is touched by someone else and you hear him saying power has gone put of him yet it’s the same power that you’ve hired him for….what would you do? This is why Jesus had to tell the woman to go in peace because she had interrupted a ruler of the synagogue and Jesus knew that everything wasn’t going to be well with her if something worse happens to Jairus’ daughter or the situation at his home doesn’t get any better.

• When God starts with you and the power of God that was meant for them is given to you first, it’s not enough for God to just bless you but also to keep you. There are jealous people out there who will not be happy with your blessing and they think that your blessing was meant for them. There are people out there who think that your wife was supposed to be their wife or your husband was supposed to be their husband. It’s not enough for God to give you a house, after the house you also need a declaration of peace. Every dollar that’s added to your life you need a declaration of peace because there are many people who hate you and are looking at you now!

• There are people who are against you to an extent that any slight change on you they’ll fight you. So Jesus declared peace over the woman so that she could be safe from this ruler and his spies. Then a message came to the ruler that his daughter had died and there was no need to trouble Jesus anymore. This is happening when he was with Jesus. Most of you it’s happening to you that bad news comes to you when you’re in church, you hear some very crazy stories against or about you when you’re with Jesus. You come from church and you hear of some crazy stories after meeting with Jesus. From that level of spirituality you’re dropped to zero.

• Jesus then heard the conversation between the messenger and Jairus and He said *”Fear Not!! She shall be made whole”* . How can you have Jesus who is obeyed even by the dead when he tells them to rise up and they’re raised from the dead, that he tells a man not to be fearful and the man continues being fearful? What is it about fear that makes it even powerful than death? Jesus is obeyed by the sea but He tells His disciples not to be afraid and they become even more fearful _being obeyed by the seas and disobeyed by His disciples_

• According to Jesus there’s nothing to fear. It was fear that made the disciples to go to Jesus but he rebuked them for that fear. You must not come to Him because of fear but because of faith. God wants us to come to him by faith and not because of fear. This is why God isn’t much concerned about people who are said to be worshiping Him in many places, he knows they’re afraid of going to hell. Hell has brought people to Jesus that faith. How many of you will continue going to church or to Jesus if it is said the *there’s no more hell??* Fear of Hell has brought many people to God than faith.

• Fear comes because if what you see and hear. Be careful of what you see and hear. When you hear negative information you begin to be afraid. Do you know that 95% of the things that we fear are never going to happen? The 5% that’ll happen will happen because of your fear. Don’t be afraid!!! So far everything that you’ve seen justifies the fear that you have.

• Even if you fear, your fear will never solve any of your problems. Even if people die around you don’t be afraid! It doesn’t matter how worse your situations may become but don’t be afraid.

• Mwari vanonokera zvinhu sometimes because he knows kuti it doesn’t matter what happen he still holds the power to correct the situations as long as you don’t fear anything.

• You’re forbidden from being afraid!! What have you achieved with your fear? Be willing to try something else if your fear isn’t solving any of your problems.

[Prophetic Lessons]

• A doctor comes with a situation that an intruder had invaded the house and he had left his children inside the house. The prophet tells the doctor to sit down after asking him what he is afraid of. The doctor wasn’t sure whether his children would survive. Afterwards the doctor shared his testimony that his children are safe and they seem not to be afraid of anything and they’ve even asked him to bring them pizza. _(the prophet was prophesying when he said “bad news comes to you when you’re in church…..)_

• There’s always someone who is left and made to access you to tell you that your situation is getting worse.

• Another lady comes to the prophet saying she is afraid that she is losing her sight. The prophet asks her what exactly she is afraid of and what she wants to see if she keeps on seeing.

• One gentleman comes and tells the prophet that he Is afraid of dying and leaving his young children without his legacy and something they can hold on to.

• Why is cancer so hard to heal, cure or to control? What is it with cancer that has made even professionals to be afraid of it? Do we have a language that calls can understand, a language that even doctors do not have? Cells in your body have ears to hear. When God said to Adam have dominion over the fish that swim in the water he gave him power over every living organism swimming in your blood. A human being is a creature that accommodates other creatures. Cells in your body are creatures. When he says have dominion over the fish of the sea, he also mean to have dominion over everything that swims within your blood. Your body is more of water than any other thing so you must have dominion over everything that’s in your blood.

• When you’re told by a doctor that there’s nothing that they can do to help you all that’s left is for you to die then your fear can be justified. At that moment you need a more educated person to help you out of that situation.

• Fear is very dangerous. Even very small diseases if they can find fear within you to feed on they can grow to become very serious conditions. Once a professional person tells you of a sickness in your body and you become afraid it means another disease has just been created.

• Doctor Muteweye then clarified by saying that there was once a person who was told that he had cancer (which he didn’t have) and was given a period to survive and he died within that period. After post mortem it was discovered that he didn’t have cancer but he had died the way people with that cancer die. There is a way that your body can program itself towards what you’re told and it can even program itself to die within a specific period of time. If one can die with a disease that he doesn’t have how about if you’re told that you’re poor, given poverty that you done have…..???

• When you’ve important people in your life you’ve to tell them and let them know that they’re very important in your life and you can’t do without them. Instead of being afraid we have to address the situation.

• You can’t have death and divorce before you and your opt for death. You can say God hates divorce, how about killing yourself? Everyone is important but not everyone is very important. Why should we die for the less important people? During that moment when pressure is mounting, that’s when the thoughts of death come and you choose to rather die than survive under that pressure.

• Elijah one of the greatest prophets ever when he was threatened by Jezebel he hid himself and asked God for death. One word from a woman made him want to commit suicide. We have to guard ourselves very much because these are very wicked spirits.

• I once told you about a person who would fight by himself with two spirits inside him one telling him to kill himself and the other one trying to stop him. He would have one hand fighting the other hand not to stab him. *[PEM]*

• Next time, Before you even think of taking your life, consider other options. Possession by demons means that you’re now owned by demons. You must never think of killing yourself.

• If God can give you a revelation of where you’re going after your death or after killing yourself, you’ll realise there’s no need to kill yourself because where you’re going you would need to kill yourself again in that place.

• When you begin to feel like you want to kill yourself, cry out to him. It shall come to pass that whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Call Him. When you call out his name Jesus something happens.

• Some of you have abused places like the Life Haven. Some of you have been there but you’ve not fully realized the benefits of why that place was created. That place is a heaven. You can stay in that place not praying but benefit from just being in that place. You can be in that place and the devil will not be able to find you. It is a place of refuge. It’s not a place to just see the prophet but coming to have an encounter with what you’ve lost. It’s a place of one on one with what you’ve lost. It’s a place of refocusing.

• Jesus is the greatest doctor but we don’t want his solutions. We don’t want his injections or his scissors. [Scissors – some of His solutions means cutting off certain people and things from your life]

• Its impossible to get into the Life Haven and you don’t come out without a solution. You’re given ideas to solve your solutions but most of you don’t want the solutions you’re given. It’s up to you to decide on whether you want to use the solution or you want to continue in your problems or situations.

• As a man of God we know you can have a son who can even compete with you.

• Before we were married by the new testament we were married to the old testament. Before we got married to Jesus we were married to the devil and we had to divorce the devil and get married to Jesus.

• Marriage is for people and not for other creatures or animals. There’s nothing as terrible in life as abuse.

• There are some men who are abused by their wives. Abuse is not only in fighting but it can be emotional.

• There’s a procedure for getting married and lessons that can be learnt but there’s no procedure for divorce. That’s why God hates divorce and that’s why there’s no successful divorce. The reason is because there’s an attachment.

• There’s another generation on this earth that needs to be investigated before they come to pay lobola. Some people do not know what marriage is and some do not know what divorce is.

• Its fear that causes people to want to commit suicide when they’re in abusive marriages.

• God is taking away all your fears today. When you’re in his presence whatever seems to terrorise you go and tell Him. Fear causes things to happen just as faith causes things to happen.

• If the devil has put something in you that is causing you to be afraid that thing can be removed. Fear is a spirit and it can be given. Fear is a gift from the devil. If you’re afraid it means you’re a gifted person.

• Don’t be afraid of anything. It is fear that gives or empowers intruders. The fear of losing can cause you to underperform. Relax knowing that you’ve Jesus in you and nothing can take over your life.

• We are removing fear today. You’re going home without fear today. When you go back home you’ll achieve double of what you’ve been doing.

• All of us we need Jesus!!! When that name Jesus is mentioned there are results. Be on the look out when the Name Jesus is mentioned because when it is mentioned something immediately happens. You’re here to lose your fear. You’re going home with faith and confidence. You’re going back to do even those things that you were afraid to do.

[2 Timothy 1:7]

• There’s a spirit of power. That spirit works against the spirit of fear.

• When God loved he gave. He gave his best so that if you believe in him you must not die. You’ll be the happiest person from this day onwards.

• To you [who’s reading this] understanding is given. Thus says the Voice!!!

• If you’re given a chance by God to support His work, you must thank Him for that opportunity.

• If you’ve children going back to school, you’re children are covered, they’re protected they are now more intelligent, wiser,

• Coming here today was prophetic. God wanted you to be here.


[Prepared by Sir Xavi]