Will E.D. torment Gucci Grace now?

Grace Mugabe. Life after Bob

Famously known as ‘Gucci Grace’ during her time as the first lady of Zimbabwe because of lavish spending and lifestyle. Now that her husband is late will she continue to enjoy her diplomatic immunity that was accrued to her before.

Afriforum is baying for her blood because of the assault charges laid against her in August 2017 by Gabriella Engels when she attacked her at a hotel in Sandton with kettle cord.

Enemies without are not only her problem but the enemies within the borders of Zimbabwe must be her real headache.

E,D will be her biggest fear at this time

1,Grace openly attacked Mnangagwa openly at ZANU PF Youth Interface rallies,

2. She was accused of poisoning E.D by Ice cream.

3. She may have been pointed as the enemy who send mercenaries to throw a grenade at white city in 2018 Elections.

She led a rally at Rufaro stadium which was eyed at exposing ED after he was accused of undermining Mugabe

Grace is now exposed because:

– All her close allies are without power the likes of Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao Kudzai Chipanga Ignatius Chombo

– E,D was acting with restraint because of the respect he still had for Mugabe

– The package which was given to Mugabe was not clear if it covered Grace in the event of his death

– Mnangagwa can go for anyone without directly coming out

What Mnagagwa can do now

  • Implicate Grace through ZACC
  • Withdraw her security from
  • Send youths to harass her
  • Seize some of her properties

What are her options:

Keep quiet and stay away from politics for now or seek any alignment with anyone

Hide all her investments and seek asylum

Seek truce with Mnangagwa Immediately and ask for forgiveness

Mnangagwa has already thrown her first cards and if she is able to read this she must also act fast as well. This he did by declaring that Mugabe will be buried at the National heroes acre this was against Mugabe’s wishes since he was bitter about how he was forced out of power in 2017. Grace have no much time to act now because her cover was R.G Mugabe and if E.D could harass his former co member of the presidium Phelekezela Mphoko he can go for anyone.