The fuel situation in Zimbabwe has started to deteriorate again as there was relief a few weeks ago. One could just get to a service station and get fuel with no hustle.

Earlier this month, the government reduced prices of fuel for the first time since 2017. Though the fuel is cheaper in US Dollar terms than in 2017, it is still beyond reach for many Zimbabweans who are earning far less than US$100 even civil servants and doctors.

A quick survey we did yesterday in Harare showed that there were many service stations which didn’t have fuel and there were long, winding queues everywhere as motorists were trying to refuel.

Reports say that it might be because of the tumbling of the Zimbabwe dollar against the US greenback. Last month it was trading at around US$1 to RTGS$9 but as of now it’s around RTGS$15.

Unconfirmed reports say bigger companies including the power utility ZESA are buying the USD on the black market which has spiked demand for the greenback. ZESA had had a power importation agreement with South Africa’s Eskom on condition that they pay almost $1 million per week to cover their arrears.

The energy Minister, Fortune Chasi promised to skin the snake alive and deal with all the problems in the Energy Ministry.