Nelson Chamisa’s MDC party is recruiting a Graphic Designer and a video editing executive. MDC Secretary General, Charlton Hwende has said they need someone who is young, creative and Zimbabwean.

Some Twitter users were not happy with the announcement saying it was going to them infiltrated by Zanu PF and get themselves into trouble. Charlton Hwende dismissed it and said they have a very strict security system.

However, some said the MDC looking for someone who can photoshop and edit videos for fake abductions whilst some were unhappy that a big party like MDC tweeting vacancies and making them so transparent makes them vulnerable and shows high levels incompetence. Others were not happy with the recruiting tweet as they said it was discriminatory to the old and foreigners.

“We have the following vacancy. Graphic Designer and Video Editing Executive. If you are young, creative and Zimbabwean email [email protected]” said Hwende.