This is the current situation in South Africa as of 5 September 2019:

6 People have been confirmed dead, 3 South Africans and 3 Zimbabweans. One of the Zimbabweans is a female security guard.

289 South Africans have been arrested for looting and violence

– Billions of  Rands in damage through the burning of cars and shops,  looting of foreign shops


The following hot spots were identified and Police closed off these areas by 4pm since Tuesday.

Shops were closed and workers were sent home early by 230pm.

*Pretoria CBD
*Johannesburg CBD*
• Randburg
• Midrand
*Primrose CBD

Bread company Albany employees, Taxis and Trucks were used to block highways.

The following Highways were blocked – N1, R21, N12 Atlas Exit

Local SA politicians reactions

2. Ramaphosa gave a half hearted apology for anti-foreigner violence through Twitter and promised to act.
3. Julius Malema slammed the attacks
4. Herman Mashaba has been quiet.
5. The DA leader Mmusi Maiane has been quiet

African Leaders Responses

1. Rwanda, DRC and Malawi pulled out of World Economic Forum to be held in SA due to the xenophobic attacks.
2. ED Mnangagwa Went to Worlf Economic Forum Conference in Cape Town with a group of demonstrators

International Reactions

Internationally, these attacks are mostly seen as black on black violence.

Other impacts

2. Zimbabwe  promoters Canceled Mafikizolo show

3. Zambia canceled soccer friendly with Bafana Bafana.

Notable Rumours and scares

As with every crisis, there are always rumors  spread around during such times.

1. Pakistani nationals in Thembisa are alleged to have Poisoned food in their shops. Before they fled. Many residents rushed to Thembisa hospital for treatment fearing for their lives.
2. A police woman was seen on Facebook urging parents to get their children fr schools as foreigners were on their way to attack the school
3. Many gruesome videos went viral during this past week.
4. SAA plane burnt in Nigeria
5. MTN Base stations burnt in Nigeria – hoax

Actual Retaliation

1. In Zambia,South African chain store Shoprite and  Pic n Pay are seen being attached in Lusaka.
2. Nigerians in Johannesburg were allegedly massing themselves to attack local looters.
3. MTN and Multichoice Offices in Nigeria were forced to close on 4 September 2019 as National Association of Nigerian Students  threatened to take action against SA Companies.


Lovemore Fuyane had this to say

The other side of this madness; people in countries whose citizens are currently experiencing xenophobia in SA force the closure of SA businesses in their countries, businesses that employ them. Get this, the owners of these businesses aren’t even in involved in the battles on the streets in SA.

In Conclusion

Irreparable damage has been done to brand SA. The effects of this round of attacks on foreigners will be felt for years to come.

The biggest impact will be on FDI and tourism. South Africans will now be known worldwide as haters of Africans.