Lovemore Fuyane (Community Leader and Activist, UZ SRC Secretary General 92/93)

Born 16 August 1970

Place of Birth – Gaths Mine


Mother – Gladys Fuyana nee Nzombe from Chirumhanzu

Father – Musa Fuyana from Kezi

Siblings – First of 4 children, two boys and two girls but brother now late


First Primary School

Silonkwe Primary School In Kezi, 1977 and one or two weeks of 1978 when school closed due to war

Second primary school

St Stanislaus School a Roman Catholic School about 30km from Masvingo off Masvingo-Harare highway, 1979-1980, father Caretaker at Alvord Training Centre In Makoholi

Third primary school

Molife Primary School In Domboshava, father worked at Domboshawa Training Centre as caretaker 1980-1881

Fourth Primary School

Hillside Jnr in Bulawayo, father had then joined Natural Resources Board In Bulawayo – 1982-1983

High School

Hamilton High School, Bulawayo form 1-6, 1984-1989


University of Zimbabwe 1990-1993, Bsc Hon Metallurgy, also SRC Secretary General (2982/93)

Subsequently MBL (UNISA), Dipl SMB (INSEAD) France


Work experience, Metallurgy/Process Engineering, Management Consulting, Banking

Favorite Foods

‘Traditional dishes such as umbhida Wendumba and Salmon, rural Gweru mushrooms. Fruits…peaches, nectarines all day plus any and all berries. Another favorite is what I call the X factor fruit, uxakuxaku, nyii and umviyo (nzviringombe).’


‘Ndebele, Shona and functionally literate in Kalanga, Tswana, Afrikaans, and will do just fine in China, and Arab speaking location, Tumbuka, French, Spanish plus many others I can’t remember right now.’

Best Friends

‘My best friends are my wife by miles, my late grandfather, my mother, siblings and virtually all my in-laws. I also count Tabs Gondwe, My cousin Mbakisi Dube, Terence Msuku, Shepherd Mnkantjo, the late Fortune Mukoma, Nhlanhla Dube, Tholiwe Ndebele, Simisani Khupe, cousin Fortune Khupe, Dumisani Muhlwa, Sifiso Falala, Khanyile Ncube and many others among them. The reason my kids don’t fall into this list is that, like my grandfather was my best friend and not my father theirs was my father. The father-son relationship is treated as being more relevant in our culture. And so my father and my kids were also inseparable. Since his passing away my sons and I have become closer, I had to step in and take over his role.’

Favorite musicians

George Sibanda, Jodeci, Hezekiah Walker, Tupac, Peter Tosh, Guy, Don Carlos, The Beatles and Rick Ross.


His grandfather, father, Inkosi Mzilikazi, Khondwane/Mkhaliphi Ndiweni, Enrico Fermi, Joshua Nkomo, Magwegwe Fuyana (an altruist), Simom Mazorodze, Leo Messi, LeBron James, Prince Njube Khumalo, Ernesto Che Guevara and Pope Francis.