Did ED Mnangagwa give Godfrey Majonga a choice between Sitting on a hot plate stove or jumping through the window of a high rise building?

Yesterday I got a call from a reliable source who confirmed that indeed he was there when the incident happened. He unequivocally stated that ED Mnangagwa gave the late Godfrey Majonga a choice of either jumping through the window or sitting on a hot plate stove.

The name of the woman was Febby Chikanga.

The caller advised me that ED Mnangagwa in fact had a child with the woman and he was incensed that another man was enjoying the fruits of his labour. The name of the child was Tanyanyiwa George Chikanga. The woman was called

According to the source, the woman had a son with ED Mnangagwa. The son grew up to become a criminal and was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in jail. However, ED Mnangagwa had used his influence as Justice Minister to get him secretly released within a short space of time.

“Majonga was introduced to Febby Chikanga by the late Edgars director Edward Makovah. She worked at the Edgars Training School. Unknown to Majonga, Febby Chikanga was also involved with Emmerson Mnangagwa and the two had a child called Frank.”

Did Majonga Jump or was he Pushed?

According to the source, Majonga was pushed by ED Mnangagwa’s bodyguards, he did not jump.