Trevor Ncube has gone back on his word after announcing earlier that he was going to resign from an unnamed role. This was interpreted as his position as E.D Mnangagwa’s advisor.

Trevor received a lot of backlash on Twitter for supporting an administration that doesn’t respect human rights.

It seems Trever might have developed cold feet.

Another Advisor to ED Mnangagwa, Petinah Gappa has since resigned.

Below is the full tweets by Trevor

Trevor Ncube (@TrevorNcube) Tweeted:
I have had enough of this. I am resigning. Nobody listens to me. Not even the monkeys and rats.

1. Tomorrow morning I will share why I have resigned
2. I will also tell you from where I have resigned

Zimbabwe is a free country. We must resign when ever it is necessary

Trevor Ncube (@TrevorNcube) Tweeted:

Due to reasons entirely beyond my control the statement on my resignation has been delayed. She who must be loved , feared , adored and respected has summoned me to the kitchen. I fear she plans on changing my mind.

Trevor’s tweets seems comical but this has been interpreted as a hint on the move which is about to be taken by members of PAC.